Quentin Geissmann

From 2022-09-01 to present

Quentin, assistant professor in the QGG, in Aarhus University is the Principal Investigator of the DARSA group. His background is both in insect physiology and computational biology.

During his PhD at Imperial College London, in the Gilestro Lab, he built an open-source automatic insect behaviour monitoring platform.

In his Postdoc, at UBC, with the Haney Lab and the PIEE Lab, he developed AI-powered smart traps to monitor insects and study their relationships with plants and microbes in agroecological contexts.

Quentin’s interests in machine learning and sustainable agriculture led him to start the DARSA Group in Aarhus in September 2022.

The DARSA Group
The DARSA Group
Digital Approaches for Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture

We develop machine learning and data-science algorithms and applications to make agriculture more sustainable